Anryu Aogami Gyuto 210mm


Anryu Aogami Gyuto Knife 210mm

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Anryu Aogami Gyuto knife with a 210mm blade.

The Anryu Aogami range is made out of an Aogami 2 (blue paper steel) carbon steel core clad in stainless steel. Aogami #2 is well known for durability and can be used at a sharp angle. The stainless steel protects the core from tarnishing but the cutting edge still needs a bit of maintenance but that is worth doing as you get an exceptional knife for a very reasonable price.  The hammer finish of the blade doesn’t look as even as most machine stamped blades and each knife is quite unique. The oval rosewood handle provides a good grip and a fantastic look.

  • weight: 159gr
  • blade length: 217mm
  • total length: 362mm
  • hrc: 62