Aogami Damascus Takohiki Yanagiba 300mm


Aogami Damascus Takohiki Yanagiba Knife 300mm

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Aogami Damascus Takohiki Yanagiba Knife with a 300mm blade.

These handmade octopus sashimi knives are forged out of blue paper (Aogami) carbon  steel. Tako is the Japanese word for octopus but can be used for other fish as well. It is a very traditional Japanese way of making knives. Aogami is a great material for sharpness and edge retention. The beautiful damascus pattern is an eye-catcher in every kitchen. The handles are made out of oak wood with a buffalo horn ferrule. We recommend to clean and dry the knives after use and also use a bit of tsubaki oil to protect the blade.

  • weight: 202gr
  • blade length: 298mm
  • total length: 455mm
  • hrc: 62