Black Honing Rod 270mm


Black Honing Rod 270mm

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This 270mm black honing rod has a fine grit surface of about 2000. The ceramic polishes your edge very smoothly. The rod is harder than any steel knife and even harder than most ceramic knives, it reached 8 on the Mohs scale.

The rubber end cap, which protects the rod from breaking is the same diameter as the rod to prevent “catching” the knife. This special design stops the rod from breaking in most situations. The manufacturer has a world wide patent for it.

Ceramic honing rods are a much harder material than a traditional steel and have a much finer grit which obtains faster and better results.

You can find these rods under all kinds of different brand names, we decided to get them unbranded and pass on the rod for a very reasonable price. This is a well known world wide product with the leading technology for ceramic rods.

Made in Taiwan!

Rod length: 272mm

Rod diameter: 16mm

total length: 504mm

weight: 257gr