Dentogi Nigori Sujihiki 270mm


Dentogi Nigori Sujihiki Knife 270mm

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Dentogi Nigori Sujihiki Knife with a 270mm blade

Dentogi is our Prochef own brand, we are using some selected makers fro Japan to offer high quality blades for our customers. Dentogi is translated as “traditional craft” and the middle Kanji To is replaced with the same pronounced Kanji “To” which means Knife.

The Nigori series is forged in a small factory in Tsubame-Sanjo in the Niigata prefecture. Nigori means cloudy in Japanese which can also describe the Nashiji finish of this range..

This range has core of Aogami (blue paper) #2 carbon steel which is clad into softer stainless steel. Aogami is widely used in high performance knives, and many famous blacksmith use it in their products. Aogami has a very good edge retention, is quite hard but still relatively easy to sharpen and the cladding protects the carbon steel. The Nashiji finish is a semi rough finish where the blades are not fully polished. It gives the knife a rustic design and the the surface also helps that food will come off the blade.

The octagonal handle is made out of Japanese Red Birch wood with a back Wenge ferrule.

The Sujihiki knife is a slicer, to be used for roasts, hams, kebab, sashimi and fish. The blade is long so that you can cut with one stroke rather pushing the knife backwards and forwards.

  • weight: 154gr
  • blade length: 269mm
  • total length: 424mm
  • hrc: 61-63