Gihei Aogami Nashiji Santoku 165mm


Gihei Aogami Nashiji Santoku Knife 165mm

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Gihei Aogami Nashiji Santoku Knife with a 165mm blade.

Gihei is a small company in Tsubame in Niigata, an area famous for steel work. Mr Hosokawa is using innovative shapes and forging high quality steel to beautiful unique knives with a nice finish and great usability.

The Gihei Aogami Nashiji  series is made out of a Hitachi Blue Paper #2 carbon steel which is clad in stainless steel. The Aogami 2 is not stainless but it is protected with the stainless steel clading. The excellent heat treatment brings the steel to a quite high hrc 62-63. Unlike the HAP-40 knives the Aogmai series is a true workhorse, the spine is quite thick compared to the HAP-40 knives and you have more weight in your hand. The Nashiji finish is very smooth compared to other brands more towards a polished finish. The handle is octagonal Urushi oak wood. Urushi best translate to lacquer, many pianos are finished that way. It protects the handle very well against moisture making it a very long lasting.

  • weight: 149gr
  • blade length: 164mm
  • total length: 306mm
  • hrc: 62-63