Gihei HAP-40 Kiritsuke 200mm


Gihei HAP-40 Kiritsuke Knife 200mm

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Gihei HAP-40 Kiritsuke Knife with a 200mm blade.

Gihei is a small company in Tsubame in Niigata, an area famous for steel work. Mr Hosokawa is using innovative shapes and forging high quality steel to beautiful unique knives with a nice finish and great usability.

The Gihei HAP-40  series is made out of a semi stainless HAP40 core which is clad in stainless steel. HAP-40 is not stainless but also not as reactive as Shirogami or Aogami. The hardness of 65-67 hrc is achieved by careful and skilled heat treatment. These knives are very thin and light, real lasers! The handle is octagonal Urushi oak wood. Urushi best translate to lacquer, many pianos are finished that way. It protects the handle very well against moisture making it a very long lasting.

The Kiritsuke is a bit smaller than most standard sized Kiritsuke and the edges are very smooth.

  • weight: 152gr
  • blade length: 201mm
  • total length: 349mm
  • hrc: 65-67