Jyosaku Kenmuki 180mm


Jyosaku Kenmuki Knife 180mm

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Jyosaku Kenmuki Knife with a 180mm blade.

This is a knife for right handed use.

These Sakai made Kenmuki knives are forged out of white paper (Shirogami) carbon  steel. It is a very traditional Japanese way of making knives.

Yamawaki Hamono was established in 1927 with a long history of making knives in the traditional Sakai way. Most knives are single bevel type.

The blade has nice polished edges and is a very usable knife for a professional environment.

The octagon shape handle is made from Ichii Wood with a Buffalo Horn ferrule.

The Kenmuki is a multipurpose knife with a unique tip, it is often used for food art and can cut meant, vegetables and seafood. It has a straight line and can cut vegetables very evenly.

We recommend to clean and dry the knives after use and also use a bit of tsubaki oil to protect the blade.

  • weight: 134gr
  • blade length: 166mm
  • total length: 320mm
  • hrc: 62-64

We measure the actual blade length not from the handle to the tip.