KC-950 Series Sujihiki 210mm


Kanetsune KC950 Series Sujihiki Knife 210mm

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Kanetsune KC950 series Sujihiki Knife with a 210mm blade.

This is a good entry level Japanese knife series without any worry about the carbon blades. The steel is called DSR 1K6 from the Daido Steel Company, it is a shiny high carbon stainless steel. The hammer finish (Tsuchime) helps that food is not sticking to the blade. The handles are made out of red plywood with a hygienic plastic bolster.

Nice design, low weight and low maintenance and it comes in a white box.

Made in Seki, Japan!

  • weight: 118gr
  • blade length: 213mm
  • total length: 342mm
  • hrc: 58