Kagekiyo Yanagiba 240mm with Saya


Kagekiyo Yanagiba Knife 240mm

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Kagekiyo Yanagiba Knife with a 240mm blade and a saya.

This is a knife for right handed use.

These Sakai made sashimi knives are forged out of white paper (Shirogami 3) carbon  steel. It is a very traditional Japanese way of making knives.

These knives are forged by Satoshi Nakagawa, he is one of a very popular blacksmith worldwide now. He uses more machines (in good meaning/way) than any other Blacksmiths in Sakai to finish the blades more equally and manage the temperature. He is very talented in this area. He has been certified as a youngest Traditional Craftsman recently. He is still in his thirties.

The sharpening is done by Sho Nishida.  He has an experience as a sushi chef. So, he knows how to use the Traditional Japanese Knives and knows how to make a Knife. He is a two-way craftsman, he trained under a Master in his hometown and had sharpened many blades. After that, he trained under another Master to hone his skills. He is one of a rare craftsman in Sakai who can sharpen the single edged as well as double edged blades in very high quality.

He grinds the blade to a shape that can  be polished and put on the Edge easily. And then do the mirror polishing. Finally, he finishes it by Kasumi finish. These processes are all done by hand works. As a finishing touch, he polishes the Machi and the Spine (Back) by mirror polishing.

The knives come with a saya and a pin to hold the saya.

The handle is made from Magnolia Wood, Semi-Octagon and half rounded shaped, it is not just octagon shaped, the finger area is rounded to so the knife can be used for a long time without getting tired.

We recommend to clean and dry the knives after use and also use a bit of tsubaki oil to protect the blade.

  • weight: 139gr knife only, 166gr incl Saya
  • blade length: 233mm
  • total length: 375mm
  • hrc: 62-64

We measure the actual blade length not from the handle to the tip.