Masahiro MV Honyaki Boning 160mm


Masahiro MV Honyaki Boning knife 160mm

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Masahiro MV Honyaki Boning Knife with a 160mm blade.

Masahiro is a well established knife maker with a long history of knife making from Seki in Gifu, one of the traditional knife making centers.

The blade is made out of one piece of MBS26 steel. This stainless steel is proprietary of Masahiro and is in a similar line as the VG steel. All heat treatment and processing is made on site at the Masahiro factory. The single blade has some advantages as it can be sharpened in all different angles. Some clad steel only use a core layer of high quality steel and the cladding is done with cheaper steel. The blade is reasonably thin and the knife feels light and balanced in the hand.

The handle is made of laminated wood which is comprised of very thin layers of stained black wood which is pressed into a mate finished. The handle feels very smooth and is heat and moisture resistant, easy to clean and very long lasting. The finish is excellent and the blades are full tang but covered into the handle and riveted 3 times.

The knife comes in a nice box.

Masahiro is one of the leading manufacturers of boning and meat processing knives.

Made in Seki, Japan!

  • weight: 112gr
  • blade length: 162mm
  • total length: 290mm
  • hrc: 58 – 60