Masakage Mizu Nakiri 165mm


Masakage Mizu Nakiri Knife 165mm

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Masakage Nakiri Knife with a 165mm blade

The Masakage Mizu knives are made out of hand forged Aogami 2 carbon steel, a great knife steel. The blacksmith is Mr. Anryu, he also does the Anryu Aogami series. Mizu is the Japanese word for water and the blue/black finish gives the knife a cool look as a deep ocean. The blades are relatively thin and the knives are light in weight but still very good balanced. The oval handle is made out of cherry wood which gives a nice contrast to the dark blade. This knife require a little bit of maintenance as it is not stainless, but the cutting power and the handling are superb for that price price range.

  • weight: 194gr
  • blade length: 167mm
  • total length: 314mm
  • hrc: 62-64