Mizu Honyaki Yanagiba 270mm with Ebony Saya


Mizu Honyaki Yanagiba Knife 270mm with ebony saya

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Mizu Honyaki Yanagiba Knife with a 270mm blade, ebony handle and ebony saya.

This is a knife for right handed use.

This Sakai made sashimi knives are forged out of white paper (Shirogami ) carbon  steel. It is made out of one piece of steel and the mizu honyaki process is the highest level of knife making. Forging just one piece of steel makes it quite difficult to get the knife into the desired shape. Not many craftsmen are still doing this technique.

This knife is done by Togashi Uchihamono Seisakusho  who continues to preserve the traditional techniques of Sakai Uchihamono using high-grade steel. Certified as a traditional craftsman in 1996 and awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure of Japan in 2022, Togashi Uchihamono has been passing on the techniques he learned as a kitchen knife forger to the next generation.

The knife is mirror finished and the has a beautiful hamon wave line which is a bit difficult to catch on the pictures. In order to keep the aesthetics of the blade we have the makers signature on the back side.

The knives come with an ebony saya and a pin to hold the saya.

The handle is made from Ebony Wood, Octagon shaped with 3 nickel spacer and a buffalo horn ferrule.

This knife is a real beauty and a unique piece of Japanese forging skills!

We recommend to clean and dry the knives after use and also use a bit of tsubaki oil to protect the blade.

  • weight: 215gr knife only, 329gr incl Saya
  • blade length: 259mm
  • total length: 416mm
  • hrc: 62-64

We measure the actual blade length not from the handle to the tip.