Senzo Professional SG2 Petty 135mm


Senzo Professional SG2 Petty knife 135mm

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Senzo Professional SG2 Petty Knife with a 135mm blade.

Senzo knives are made by Suncraft in Seki, one of the traditional knife making centers in the Gifu Prefecture.

The blade has a SG2 core layer clad in softer stainless steel. SG2 is a premium powder metal stainless steel with a good hardness for edge retention and sharpness durability. The blade is reasonably thin and elegant. This knives perform very well in a professional environment as well as for the ambitious home chef.

The handles are western style, made out black pakka wood with a traditional Japanese mosaic pin inserted into the handle.

The 135mm petty knife is nice utility knife for smaller kitchen tasks.

Made in Seki, Japan!

  • weight: 90gr
  • blade length: 133mm
  • total length: 244mm
  • hrc: 62 – 63