Sukenari HAP-40 Kiritsuke 210mm


Sukenari HAP-40 Kiritsuke Knife 210mm.

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Sukenari HAP-40  Kiritsuke knife with a 210mm blade.

The new favourite steel from Sukenari

HAP-40 super steel from Hitachi. The steel can be heat treated to an impressive 66-68 hrc and is still stainless. Sukenari believes that this steel has one of the best performances of all premium steels. Despite the hardness of the steel it is supposed to less like to chip than other high rockwell steels. Sukenari uses coal for heating the steel as gas will add too much moisture in the forging process.

The knives have a HAP-40 core and are clad in softer stainless steel so you have the full advantages of this brilliant steel. This is called San Mai (3 sheets) so the knife has 3 layers.

Sukenari is a small maker from Toyama. Their work is extremely tidy and you can see the skills on any of their products. The octagonal handles are made out of Rosewood wood with a buffalo horn ferrule. The color of the ferrule can vary a bit as it is a natural product.

  • weight: 171gr
  • blade length: 204mm
  • total length: 354mm
  • hrc: 66-68