Tojiro DP Peeling 70mm


Tojiro DP Peeling Knife 70mm

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Tojiro DP Peeling knife with a 70mm blade.

The Tojiro DP range is one of our bestsellers, you get a lot of knife for your money. The core layer is stainless steel VG10 steel, sandwiched in slightly softer stainless steel. The 3 layer concept gives the blade strength but also a bit of flexibility. They are reasonably easy to sharpen for the hardness of the steel and they are overall durable and very affordable knives. The handle has a stainless steel bolster and is made out of reinforced laminated material which has less shrinkage that normal wood. Overall one of the best deals, many restaurants use them for their durability, sharpness and edge retention.

  • weight: 55gr
  • blade length: 71mm
  • total length: 191mm
  • hrc 60-61