Yoshida ZDP-189 Damascus Petty 135mm


Yoshida ZDP189 Damascus Petty Knife 135mm.

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Yoshida Hamono ZDP-189 Damascus Petty knife with a 135mm blade.


ZDP-189 is a fairly new super steel from Hitachi. The steel is heat treated to an impressive 67 hrc and is still stainless. Yoshida Hamono in the Saga prefecture in Kyushu is a family business with a long tradition in forging steel products.

The core of the knife is made out of ZDP189 steel and is clad in layers of softer stainless steel to give the blade strength but also a bit of flexibility. The knives come with an oval rosewood handle.


  • weight: 65gr
  • blade length: 143mm
  • total length: 265mm
  • hrc: 67