Yu Kurosaki Gekko Bunka 170mm


Yu Kurosaki Gekko Bunka Knife 170mm

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Yu Kurosaki Gekko Bunka Knife with a 170mm blade.

Yu Kurosaki is one of the rising stars of younger very talented blacksmith. His knives are popular all over the world and therefore supply is limited. He is from Echizen in Fukui, one of the centers for high quality hand forged knives.

The Gekko series is made out of a semi stainless HAP40 core which is clad in stainless steel. HAP-40 is not stainless but also not as reactive as Shirogami or Aogami. The hardness of 64-66 hrc gives a great edge retention. Gekko in Japanese translate into Moonlight and if you look at the blades you can find out for yourself where that association is coming from. The shape is slightly unusual another innovative work from Mr Kurosaki. The handle is octagonal oak wood.

  • weight: 132gr
  • blade length: 171mm
  • total length: 316mm
  • hrc: 64-66