ZA-18 Damascus Gyuto 240mm


Kougetsu ZA-18 Damascus Gyuto Knife 240mm

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Kougetsu ZA-18 Damascus Gyuto Knife with a 240mm blade.

These beautiful knives are using the latest ZA-18 stainless steel. This steel was designed to outperform the VG-10 steel by adding a bit more Carbon, Chromium, Cobalt and Molybdenum. By doing that the rust resistance is improved as well as the blades are less likely to chip. The cutting edge is clad with 34 layers on each side which makes it 69 layers in total. The handles are made out of ichii wood. The knives are quite light despite the multi layer blades.

The ZA-18 range is stunningly beautiful, comes in a traditional damascus design but using the latest steel technology.

  • weight: 138gr
  • blade length: 246mm
  • total length: 398mm
  • hrc: 60